Cancer treatment center in Salt Lake City

At St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, our oncology experts are experienced in providing an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan for cancer. We also understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. This is why we offer comprehensive, compassionate cancer care to ensure you feel supported throughout your journey.

For more information about our cancer care services at St. Mark's Hospital, please call (801) 268-7013.

Comprehensive cancer care

Our exceptional care for patients goes far beyond clinical diagnosis and cancer treatment. We don’t just target the cancer—we are dedicated to caring for the patient as a human being. As a team, we do whatever we can to provide the best possible cancer care to every patient.

Genetic counseling for cancer

If you are interested in learning more about your risk for cancer, or your doctor thinks you are at high risk, you can be referred to genetic counseling services for a consultation with a certified genetic counselor. A genetic counselor has experience in medical genetics and counseling.

Genetic testing for cancer

Depending on your family history, your genetic counselor may recommend genetic testing. Our genetic screening program can help you understand your risk for cancer by providing a personalized risk assessment. Genetic testing for cancer gives you the knowledge to help you proactively screen for or protect from developing cancer.

Breast cancer risk assessment

As part of our Cancer Genetics Program, every patient getting a breast imaging procedure at St. Mark's Hospital Women's Services will also receive a complimentary risk assessment to determine if they are at high risk for developing breast cancer. If your results show that you are at risk, you may discuss this with your doctor and a referral to genetic counselor or specialist can be arranged.

Visit Breast Cancer Gene Screen to find out if you may be a candidate for genetic counseling.

Types of cancer we treat

Cancer is not just one disease—there are more than 100 types of cancer, each affecting a patient differently. Because of this, it's important to consult a doctor who specializes in treating the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with.

At our hospital, we specialize in treating:

Treatments we offer

Patients diagnosed with cancer have a number of treatment choices. These choices will depend on the type and stage of the cancer, along with factors such as your age, health status and personal desires.

Many people feel the need to rush into treatment in order to address the cancer as fast as possible. However, most patients have plenty of time to educate themselves to ensure the decision they make is the right one for them.


Chemotherapy is a type of infusion therapy that uses medication to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be administered in a variety of ways, such as intravenously and orally.

Radiation oncology

Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays to treat cancer by preventing cancer cells from multiplying and growing. The goal of radiation therapy is to stop or slow the growth of the tumor. In many cases, the tumor can be destroyed.


Brachytherapy, also known as internal radiation, applies radiation directly in and around a cancer. This type of radiation helps kill cancer cells, while sparing surrounding organs from excessive radiation.


Surgery is another effective method of cancer treatment. Surgery may be suggested before you begin radiation or chemotherapy, or it may be recommended after the therapy has had an opportunity to shrink the tumor.

When possible, we also offer robotic surgical options for patients.

Oncology at MountainStar Healthcare

Oncology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncology treatments may include chemotherapy, radiation, medication or surgery. Oncologists can specialize in one of three fields of oncology: medical, radiation or surgery.

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