Physicians and healthcare providers are required to document the medical care and treatment they provide in every patient’s personal medical record. This documentation includes medical histories, the results of diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures performed, and information related to any hospitalization.

We value your right to privacy and take many precautions to safeguard your health information. While making it convenient as possible for you to access your medical record, we are making sure that your information is only available to other people when it’s appropriate and necessary for your ongoing healthcare.

How Do I Request My Medical Record?

Your medical record and the information it contains are confidential.

That is why federal HIPAA laws require that patients authorize all medical record requests. If you are requesting your record for personal reasons, please click on the link to your respective hospital’s authorization form.

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Only you or your legal guardian can sign this form, which must be returned with a copy of government-issued picture identification. We are required to confirm your identity before releasing your medical record to you. However, if you are injured or too ill to complete this form, your physician or healthcare provider can complete the request form for you.

If there is an urgent need for your medical record, please ask your doctor or healthcare provider to contact the Medical Records Department at your hospital. We can expedite the process and send courtesy copies to your physician more quickly than we can process your personal request for medical records.

Your hospital is part of a nationwide healthcare system called HCA, and as our parent organization, it is responsible for processing your request.

Please return the authorization form and a copy of your personal identification to the following address:

Nashville Health Information Management
Release of Information

525 Metroplex Dr
Nashville, TN 37211

Or fax to: (877) 865-9738

We will process your request as quickly as possible and send you an invoice to cover the cost of locating your records and making copies. Your medical record should arrive within 5-7 business days following the invoice.

If you are unable to print the authorization form from this website, you may request one in person. Please visit the information desk in the front lobby of your hospital and ask for the packet that contains the authorization form and instructions for completing it. After filling out the form, please return it to the same information desk. The staff there will forward your form in a secure manner to our release of information specialists for processing.

If you have any questions, you will get answers by calling (866) 270-2311.