Hospital Patient Stay

Making You More Comfortable

Above all else, St. Mark's Hospital is committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver high-quality, cost effective healthcare in the Salt Lake County community we serve.

St. Mark's Hospital Patient & Visitor Guide

Patient Experience

We define quality as, "caring people with the commitment to a continuous process of improvement in the services provided that will better enable the hospital to meet or exceed our customers' needs and experiences." If we can do anything to enhance your patient or family experience at St. Mark's Hospital, please contact our patient advocate support line at (801) 268-7779.

Your Room Stay

For your comfort, St. Mark's Hospital is uniquely designed to offer private patient rooms, each with private bath, window, dresser and television. Each room is equipped with its own thermostat. You may adjust the temperature to your comfort level. If you need help locating the thermostat, please ask your nurse.

Patient Call Button

Each room is equipped with a call button for immediate communication with your nurse at a nearby nursing station. If you need assistance adjusting your bed, getting in or out of bed, or have any questions, simply press the call button and a nurse or aide will respond as soon as possible. If you have a disability requiring special call button needs, please inform your nurse upon admission.

Identifying Staff And Volunteers

As a security measure, every employee and volunteer wears a name badge. This is also for your convenience so that you can recognize an employee that may be caring for you. The name badges worn by employees include their name, title and department. If anyone enters your room that is not wearing a name badge, please feel free to ask them who they are and the whereabouts of their name badge.

Meals And Nutrition

As a patient, your meals will be served to you in your hospital room. A menu is provided for you to make food selections. Your doctor has prescribed a specific diet for you, and it is our goal to meet that prescription to aid in your healthy healing process. Clinical dieticians are available for in-depth understanding of diet prescriptions should you have any questions.

Telephones And Mobile Use

  • To make local calls from inside the hospital, press "9" and dial the number.
  • To make long distance calls, you can use a credit card, calling card or call collect. To reach an outside operator, dial "9" and then "00."
  • Pay phones are also available for making long distance calls. They are located in the lobby on each floor.
  • To call an extension in the hospital, simply dial the last four numbers. You do not need to dial "9" before the extension number.
  • TDD phones are available upon request.
  • Due to medical monitoring equipment safety, please restrict cell phone use to hospital lobby only.


Each nursing unit has daily housekeeping services. If you have any special housekeeping needs, please let your nurse know and housekeeping will be contacted, or you can tell the housekeeper when he or she is in your room.

Pet Therapy Animals

St. Mark's Hospital, in conjunction with Intermountain Therapy Animals, provides a pet therapy program for any patient who may benefit from the therapeutic interactions that can occur as a result of a visit from an animal.

This particular service is not recommended for patients who are severely immune-suppressed or patients with known allergies or aversions to animals. Household and family pets or animals are not allowed in St. Mark's Hospital. All animals that enter the hospital must be registered with Intermountain Therapy Animals or for all service dogs through the Delta Society. If you would like to participate in the pet therapy program while staying at our hospital, please ask your nurse to make arrangements for your first animal visit.


To promote the healthy wellbeing of our patients, families and hospital staff at St. Mark's Hospital, smoking is only permitted at designated smoking areas on campus.

Assistance To Smokers

Surveys reveal that nine out of 10 smokers would like to quit smoking and nearly 30 percent of them will make an attempt each year. As a patient at St. Mark's Hospital, if you would like information or help to quit smoking, please ask your nurse. There are many programs available today to help people who intend to take a positive approach to their health.

Lost And Found

If you have lost a personal item on the hospital campus, please call (801) 268-7111.

Forget Something?

If you forgot to bring a toothbrush or other personal care item, please let the nurse know.