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While joint replacement surgery offers plenty of benefits for people suffering from lifestyle-altering pain, it’s important to recognize the difference in the quality of care you can receive along the way.

MountainStar Healthcare has been recognized as Utah’s top provider of orthopedic care, and our hospitals affiliate with some of the best knee and hip surgeons in the country.

MountainStar Healthcare; Ranked #1 in Utah for Overall Orthopedic Care for the Last Seven Years

Most would agree that lifestyle, livelihood and recreation choices depend on a strong back and flexible joints that are pain free. In too many cases, pervasive pain inhibits normally active people and negatively impacts their ability to work and enjoy life.

Are you among the millions of people who suffer unnecessarily due to back, neck and joint conditions caused by trauma, illness or aging? Then it’s time to turn to the best surgeons and hospital care available in your community.

At MountainStar hospitals, our trained, experienced specialists utilize advanced technologies to eliminate or significantly minimize joint or back pain and limited movement.

In Utah, orthopedic specialists at Lakeview Hospital and St. Mark’s Hospital perform a total hip replacement surgery that significantly reduces pain and shortens recovery time.

Ogden Regional Medical Center is home to the Total Joint Center that combines the most advanced joint replacements with a revolutionary approach to improving recovery.

Experienced specialists at Timpanogos Regional Hospital offer joint replacement and a newer alternative called joint resurfacing to bring relief to patients who suffer from back and joint pain.