Trauma treatment centers across Wasatch Front, Utah

Traumatic injuries include blunt and penetrating wounds typically caused by accidents, such as car wrecks, burns or falls. This kind of injury is hard on the body and can result in limb loss or permanent damage if not treated quickly and effectively. State-designated trauma centers at MountainStar Healthcare's hospitals offer this level of treatment and expert care.

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Our hospital-based trauma services

Medically, trauma refers to a serious or critical bodily injury, wound or shock, which often results in lasting mental effects as well. Psychologically, trauma refers to an experience that is emotionally painful, distressing or shocking, which, similarly, often results in lasting physical effects.

Because of this relationship between the physical and mental components of trauma, highly specialized care is required to effectively treat traumatic injuries and illnesses. We offer this type of care at six of our emergency rooms (ERs), which are designated as Level II and Level IV Trauma Centers by the Utah Department of Health's Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness.

Level II Trauma Center at Ogden Regional Medical Center

This Level II Trauma Center in Ogden, Utah, offers preventive and educational trauma services 24/7. They also offer specialty orthopedic traumatology care to treat injuries to bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues. Their orthopedic traumatologists work quickly with emergency teams to deploy treatment and achieve better outcomes.

Level II Trauma Center at St. Mark's Hospital

This Level II Trauma Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers assessment, stabilization and intervention in a calm environment. It includes offering everything the patient needs to get quickly treated as soon as they arrive. Because of this, and because of teams of highly specialized experts, this trauma center can offer patients improved short- and long-term outcomes.

Level IV Trauma Centers

To earn Level IV Trauma Center designations, our trauma teams actively advocate for trauma system development, enhanced emergency services and more efficient care. They are able to diagnose and stabilize patients with severe injuries, helping prevent serious complications. They can also perform surgeries and critical care as needed.

Our Level IV Trauma Centers include:

Trauma center at MountainStar Healthcare

Trauma centers provide highly-trained physicians, specialists, critical care nurses and support staff who are available around the clock to care for your most serious healthcare needs. Trauma centers often provide burn care for individuals suffering from minor to severe burns.

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