Advanced treatment for stroke and more


Neurology; it’s a fancy sounding name for treating disorders of the nervous system.

Neurologists; their job is to intervene quickly and save someone who is having a brain attack – more commonly known as a stroke. These specialists also diagnose and treat aneurysms as well as other neurological conditions.

We hope that you never need to know anything else about this field of medicine. However, if you or a loved one experiences a stroke or nervous system disorder, experienced neurologists and other specialists at MountainStar hospitals in Utah, Idaho and Alaska are ready to help, 24/7.

Several of our hospitals have specialized neurology programs as well, including these:

In Alaska, neurologists at Alaska Regional Hospital take a minimally invasive approach to treating vascular diseases of the central nervous system. Some of the benefits include a shorter hospital stay and improved patient outcomes.

If you live in Idaho Falls or a surrounding community, the smart choice for neurological care is Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. They utilize an advanced technology called the StealthStation Navigation. In the hands of a good neurologist, it reduces risk during surgery and improves recovery.