Pediatric care in greater Salt Lake City, UT

Ensuring the healthiest childhoods possible

Ask any mom or dad - bumps, bruises, sniffles and coughing are as much a part of raising children as sticky hugs and family vacations. Parents, along with their child's pediatrician, take minor medical issues in stride to keep kids healthy. Our physicians partner with parents to provide the most comprehensive care for pediatric patients.

Unfortunately, more serious diseases and injuries can jeopardize children’s health and wellbeing. That’s when parents can depend on the experts at their nearest MountainStar hospital. Our pediatric departments provide a range of treatment, depending on a child's condition.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)

The specialists in our neonatal intensive care units help babies who are born too early or face a medical challenge.

MountainStar pediatric ER

Experienced teams are available 24/7 in the emergency rooms at all eight of our hospitals. Our experienced staff is fully equipped to treat children with compassionate, high quality care.

MountainStar pediatric surgery

Parents can also depend on us when a child needs to have surgery. Many surgeons and anesthesiologists who practice at our hospitals are specially trained to perform surgery on children. Nurses and support staff help youngsters recover in our outpatient surgery departments, and our Ogden Regional Medical Center facility offers a dedicated pediatric unit.

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