Shoulder replacement surgeons along the Wasatch Front

When conservative and nonsurgical treatments do not resolve your shoulder pain, the shoulder replacement surgeons of MountainStar Healthcare's hospitals are here for you. They perform various types of shoulder replacement surgery, and couple their expertise with advanced diagnostics to determine what is needed to restore your shoulder joint's health. Additionally, with numerous facilities across the Wasatch Front, you can receive personalized care and support throughout your shoulder replacement experience.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with a MountainStar Healthcare shoulder specialist, please call (855) 796-0593.

Understanding the shoulder joint

The head (ball) of the humerus bone (upper arm bone) rests within the glenoid (socket) to create the shoulder joint. These bones are accompanied by cartilage and other tissues to allow an easy and full range of motion.

Shoulder pain treatment

When any part of the shoulder joint becomes damaged by injury or disease, it may result in shoulder pain. To help people with shoulder pain, we offer comprehensive hand and upper extremity care. Medication and nonsurgical treatments are typically prescribed before a shoulder specialist suggests a more invasive treatment, such as shoulder replacement.

Types of shoulder replacement surgery

In a shoulder replacement surgery, your surgeon replaces all or part of your shoulder joint with artificial components called prostheses. This replaces the worn parts of your shoulder with smooth metal and/or plastic substitutes.

Our surgeons offer various types of shoulder replacement surgery through our joint care program. The type that is right for you will depend on the extent of damage to your shoulder joint.

Partial shoulder replacement surgery

Your shoulder replacement surgeon performs a partial replacement when only the humeral head needs to be replaced.

Total shoulder replacement surgery

During a total shoulder replacement surgery, your surgeon replaces both the humeral head and glenoid socket with prosthetic implants.

Reverse shoulder replacement surgery

A reverse shoulder replacement is performed when the normal humeral head and glenoid relationship needs to be reversed to create a more stable joint.

Shoulder replacement recovery and rehabilitation

After your shoulder replacement surgery, our physical therapists will help you start moving your shoulder while you are still in the hospital. Through a personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation regimen, our goal is to promote a quick and healthy recovery.

Shoulder replacement at MountainStar Healthcare

When nonsurgical options like physical therapy and medication fail to relieve chronic shoulder pain, you may need shoulder replacement surgery to relieve pain and restore mobility. During the procedure, an orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged parts of your shoulder and replace with them artificial components.

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