Ever heard of a “brain attack?”

Commonly known as an ischemic stroke, it occurs in about 80- 87 percent of all strokes in this country. Similar to what happens when a blocked artery causes a heart attack, a clot in a vessel supplying blood to the brain can cause a brain attack.

The good news is the after-effects of a stroke can be minimized through early intervention and appropriate treatment. The key is to recognize the symptoms and act quickly to get medical assistance.

Can you spot a stroke? Think F – A – S – T!

Think F.A.S.T.

At MountainStar hospitals, we’ve assembled teams of knowledgeable, experienced stroke care experts that include specialists in our emergency departments. They work closely with neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists and others to treat stroke patients quickly and maximize their recovery and achieve a fulfilling and productive lifestyle.

The majority of MountainStar hospitals are recognized by the American Stroke Association® for providing the highest level of comprehensive stroke care. Two are certified by The Joint Commission as Primary Stroke Centers and six are certified as Stroke Receiving Centers within Utah’s Stroke System.