You – yes, you – can save a life...

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States, and when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, heart attack is a common cause. That’s why we encourage you, your family members, friends, co-workers – you get the picture – to join our heart care teams in their life-saving efforts!

Here’s what you can do:

Take our free Heart Risk Assessment and learn more about your personal cardiovascular health.

Learn Hands-Only CPR

With only two easy steps, Hands-Only CPR can more than double a person’s chances of survival following a sudden cardiac arrest. This easier-to-remember method is an effective option for people who are untrained in conventional CPR, which includes rescue breathing.

  • Step one: Call 911
  • Step two: Push hard and push fast in the center of the person’s chest to the rhythm of “Stayin Alive”
    – 100 compressions per minute

Got the basics? Now, get your hands on one of the bodies in this “hands-on” video and practice! Or, sign up for a CPR class in your neighborhood.

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Learn to recognize heart attack symptoms in men and women- Call 911!

It’s a fact: the average person with heart attack symptoms waits more than two hours before going to an emergency department! And, too many people head to the hospital in a car instead of calling 911. In fact, only 36 percent of people with heart attack symptoms came to our hospital in an ambulance last year.

Maybe they didn’t realize that ambulances in our community and throughout Utah are outfitted with an advanced technology. It enables hospital emergency and heart specialists to diagnose a heart attack – while the patient is in transit. Next step: quick action to clear the blockage with an angioplasty.

When heart attacks are treated quickly, heart muscle and lives are saved. So, learn the symptoms, practice CPR, and remember to call 911 if you think someone is having a heart attack!

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