Wellness and Preventative Health

Living a Healthy Life is Easier With H2U Health Map

We all want health information to be relevant, easy to understand, and, most of all, personalized. That's why H2U created the H2U Health Assessment.

By using the tools and resources that are part of the H2U Health Map offered by Ogden Regional Medical Center online, you'll feel more empowered than ever to understand and take control of your own health.

H2U Health Assessment Helps You To:

  • Conduct an assessment of your health at H2U.
  • Get specific recommendations you may need based upon your personal and family health history.
  • To conduct your personal health assessment, gather any records you have of past immunizations, examinations or physicals and screenings. This assessment takes approximately 10 minutes from start to finish.
  • After completion, in a matter of seconds, you will see a confidential report providing personal recommendations for health screenings, special procedures, lab tests or related self care. Print your recommendations for appropriate follow-up by a physician, your local H2U program or to begin additional self-care steps.

Health Recommendations Include:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Disease management
  • Immunizations
  • Self-care
  • Injury prevention

Find Local Support:

  • Your local H2U program at Ogden Regional Medical Center serves as a resource for events, health screenings, educational classes and physician referrals.
  • Attend health and wellness events offered monthly.