At MountainStar – Together We’re Greater

Throughout MountainStar, we are building momentum behind the idea that – Together We’re Greater. For the past eight years, the words Not Bigger Just Better have been associated with our healthcare system. Now, it’s time for a change; why not use words that embrace, represent and describe our culture?

We asked for your help with choosing the right words, and you stepped right up! With your considerable assistance, we identified who we are as a healthcare system and how we’re different. Based on your input, we selected new words to describe our culture: “Together We’re Greater.”

Those words encompass all of us collaborating to provide exceptional care and compassionate support to patients and their families. It describes how we partner with patients to help them achieve the best possible health. It also represents how we effectively work together and support each other.

Going for gold is greater than going home

To all those who have sacrificed to give their very best while never giving up, the MountainStar network of hospitals thanks you for inspiring all of us. Just like you, we work hard to deliver our best; in fact, we’re greater together.

At MountainStar, Together We're Greater

Here in Utah, we don't just follow, we lead. Living our independent spirit means doing what we know is right. That’s the MountainStar way too. We're more than a healthcare system. We provide real care; that means it’s focused on patient needs and their perspectives.

Together We're Greater in the ER

Each one of us has the freedom to do what’s right every time. Right for patients and for their families. Our system of emergency centers offer custom and focused patient care. Find the closest ER and current average wait time by texting ‘ER’ to 32222.

At MountainStar, Together We're Greater in Heart Care

When it comes to treating emergency heart conditions, there’s no one you should trust more than the network of MountainStar Healthcare Hospitals. MountainStar Hospitals are nationally accredited for chest pain, heart failure and a-fib. We’re the only network in Utah to achieve all three accreditations. So, who are you going to trust with your heart? MountainStar Healthcare, together we’re greater.

You might ask; how are we greater together? Here are just a few examples:

From physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians to support staff and volunteers, we welcome and encourage input and innovation from every employee, every department and every facility.

We encourage leadership and teamwork that resolves problems and makes improvements.

There is great strength in our numbers; we have more than 5,500 employees in Utah – all working toward mutual goals.

As a collaborative network of hospitals, imaging and surgery centers, a satellite ER and physician clinics, we’re greater than any individual facility.

We are part of HCA, a nationwide leader in advancing medical knowledge, establishing best practices in medicine, and delivering industry-leading care to patients for the past four decades.

Not “just another marketing campaign.”

We’re Greater Together defines our culture of cooperation and a strong commitment to treating patients like they’re family. It represents the fact that we’re already connected by one shared purpose – working in healthcare for all the right reasons.

As engaged and empowered ambassadors for MountainStar and the patients we serve, let’s reconnect with why we all chose a career in healthcare. Let’s actively participate in a meaningful movement toward becoming greater together. That’s how we can achieve our mutual goals and be greater than any challenge that comes our way.