MountainStar Health - September 19, 2022
by Craig Bielik

Take Me to Ogden Regional

The tingling started in Becky Kerby’s hand in early 2022. Originally, doctors diagnosed the problem as outlet syndrome, then as carpal tunnel. But then they put a brace on her hand and the fingers quit working. By the next day, when she visited her primary care doctor, Becky was weak and couldn’t walk. She was sent immediately to the hospital for a CT scan, which revealed that she’d had a stroke – a major stroke on top of an earlier minor stroke.

After a few days in the hospital, Becky transferred to the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) at Ogden Regional Medical Center to begin her recovery.

“I wasn’t happy to be there at first. I wanted to go home. But the very first day I was there, they got me up walking with a walker. I didn’t think I could do it, thought I would be in a wheelchair. But they helped me to walk,” exclaimed Becky.

The ARU is designed to provide comprehensive, integrated, interdisciplinary rehabilitation for patients who have suffered traumatic injuries to either body or brain. Care is given by highly experienced rehabilitation teams, including physical medicine and rehab physicians as well as physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists. Additionally, emergency services are also onsite, just in case.

“I love the care they gave me in rehab! If I could rate them, I’d give them a 100% satisfaction rating. They taught me how to shower again, and to brush my teeth and wash my hair so that I could go home. Molly and Rowdy helped me the most, and they are excellent,” Becky said.

Once Becky returned home, she made some important lifestyle changes to improve her health and hopefully prevent another stroke.

“I can walk without a walker now, so I take my dogs for a walk every day. I go to the gym for an hour every day, too. It’s hard to believe how far I’ve come since the stroke. Even my daughter is amazed that I’ve recovered so much.”

Becky’s daughter is an artist, and she got Becky into making clay figurines as a way to use and strengthen her damaged hand. She feels that her hand is improving every day and hopes that she will soon be able to go back to work. She would also like to volunteer at ORMC to help other patients.

“Everyone there was so kind—the whole team! I would recommend Ogden Regional’s inpatient therapy to anyone who needs rehab and therapy.”