MountainStar Health - October 02, 2019

No doubt about it; Eldon Davis needed a total knee replacement. Last year, he was scheduled to have surgery at another Utah hospital. That was before his daughter told him to go see Dr. Jeffrey Wallentine, orthopaedic surgeon who performs robotic surgeries at Mountain View Hospital.

“Then my niece told me that her neighbor just had a knee replacement at the Payson hospital,” Eldon said. “When she said it was healing up 10 times faster than anyone she’d ever seen, that did it. I rescheduled my surgery at Mountain View, even though it’s four times further away from my home.”

Dr. Wallentine planned to use a robotic-assisted surgery system to replace Eldon’s painful knee. The first step to prepare for the surgery was an X-ray, which clearly showed that the knee joint was bone-on-bone.

On August 30, 2018, Eldon arrived at Mountain View Hospital. He recalls the person who checked him in, she was really welcoming and good to him. From admission to discharge, everyone was very caring.

That day, Eldon became one of many patients to enjoy the benefits of a robotic-assisted knee replacement. And, now he’s a big advocate.

“That surgery was a miracle,” Eldon exclaimed. “No pain, I was up and walking the same day, and my new knee felt like me!”

During Eldon’s three-day recovery at the hospital, his physical therapist told him that his range of motion was head and shoulders above other patients who had surgery. When it was time for Eldon to go home, he was doing well and feeling “so” good.

“I ran around like a wild man all September,” said Eldon. “Within a couple of weeks after surgery, I was climbing a 25 foot ladder to put a swing in a tree.”

Now, Eldon highly recommends Dr. Wallentine, robotic surgery, and Mountain View Hospital. He says the doctors, nurses, and everyone is “top shelf!”

There was only one exception to his enthusiastic endorsement. His stay included a Sunday, and Eldon was looking forward to a nice meal, like roast beef with all the trimmings. When a grilled cheese sandwich, which he hates, arrived, he told the nurse about his disappointment.

“She got me a roast beef meal,” said Eldon.

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