MountainStar Health - July 08, 2019

Do your old shoes seem like they’ve shrunk? It’s not your imagination—it’s your feet. As you age, ligaments in the feet naturally become looser, making your feet flatter, longer and wider. Arthritis can also do a number on your feet, causing swelling, inflammation, bone spurs and other deformities. The good news is that with proper foot care, you can ward off many age-related problems.

Pay attention to pain

You may think foot pain is a normal part of aging, but it’s not. If your feet hurt, go see your doctor.

Buy comfy but supportive shoes

Since feet change with age, don’t select only by size, but by how it feels on your foot. Consider going to a full-service shoe store to be properly fitted for shoes based on your foot shape and walking style. Do your shoe shopping at the end of the day, when feet are a little bigger.

Practice routine foot care

Make sure nails are cut straight across and inspect feet for sores, numb¬ness or other changes. Give your feet a massage and do foot and toe stretches to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Don’t go barefoot, even at home

Fat pads on the bottoms of your feet thin with age, making you more prone to foot pain. Invest in a sturdy pair of house shoes to cush¬ion your step and prevent falls.

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