MountainStar Health - January 25, 2019

While changes may be under way for the expansion of the Emergency Department at Brigham City Community Hospital, one renovation is already complete! The newly located and remodeled Patient Registration area is now open!

What is patient registration?

Patient Registration, often referred to as "admitting" or "registration," is where patients go to "check-in" for all services (e.g. Radiology, Laboratory, Outpatient Surgery), except in an emergency. It's here where staff will finalize patient paperwork, get appropriate consent forms signed, collect payment and escort patients to the correct location in the hospital.

During busy hours, patients can expect to be greeted by a concierge who will have that patient's information already pulled up and ready to review with them. During the less busy hours, patients can still expect to get one-on-one guidance during the registration process.

New technology

New registration technology is a perk for patients. If a patient has been pre-registered over the phone, they are able to "check-in" within minutes. New iPad technology allows for patients to sign consents, answer a few questions and make payment, all on the tablet.

And if a patient is a walk-in, meaning they haven't preregistered on the phone, the new process is still streamlined with iPad technology. There are also four, new, private cubicles for staff to securely review and finalize information with patients.

"What I am most excited about is patient convenience," said Jana Petersen, Director of Patient Access at Brigham City Community Hospital. "The close parking and fast check-in process helps our patients receive care in a timely fashion."

The new technology also helps staff. The new space comes with the latest equipment to do their job effectively. New printers, scanners and furniture complement the work flow and beautiful space.

"This space was not just built around the patient, but also built around the staff. We wanted to provide them with a great environment to do their job in," Petersen said.

What else is new?

Before, outpatients use to check in the Emergency Department. Now, registration for outpatient, inpatient and Same Day Surgery will all occur at the new Patient Registration area. In addition, the new registration area is much closer to the departments it serves, like Laboratory, Imaging, Same Day Surgery and the pre-operation nurse. While the new location is closer, patients can still expect a personal escort.

"Being closer to the services that patients are going to need helps with the ease of check in," Petersen said. "Plus our waiting area is much more comfortable and inviting."

The lobby is all new with two TVs, and comfortable furniture. Patients can also utilize the USB ports for charging their devices and use the free Wi-Fi.


Cashiering, estimates and financial counseling are also available at Patient Registration. Hospital staff are happy to meet with patients who have a billing issue that needs resolved or would like to pay their hospital bill. They are also able to take walk-ins and meet with them privately.

Patient Registration is open Monday through Thursday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Friday, their hours are 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Patient Registration is now located on the Northeast side of Brigham City Community Hospital.

For patient convenience, Brigham City Community Hospital offers Valet Parking from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. just outside of Patient Registration.

Do you have questions? Call: (435) 734-4159