MountainStar Health - May 10, 2019

If you enjoy reading, this month we challenge you to read outside your comfort zone. Expanding your summer reading list will expose you to new perspectives, new authors and new genres. If you don’t read much, challenge yourself to start now. Reading is a great hobby with numerous health benefits. Diving into a good book can reduce stress, lower your risk of dementia and boost happiness.

Unsure of where to begin? Try one of more of these suggestions:

  • A classic you only skimmed in school
  • A collection of short stories
  • A science fiction award-winner
  • A graphic novel
  • A biography of someone from another culture
  • A nonfiction book on an unfamiliar subject
  • A humorous novel or memoir
  • A whodunit-style mystery
  • A book of poetry
  • A popular young adult novel
  • A literary award-winner
  • A recounting of travel adventures

Keep those pages turning!