MountainStar Health - November 20, 2019

Indulge a little (not a lot).

Yes, you can have some of Aunt Peggy's famous pecan pie! But, take a tiny serving, and savor each bite. Check your blood sugar frequently to account for changes in diet and exercise.

Bring a healthy dish.

Check with your host about bringing a guilt-free appetizer or side dish. Nothing against rich holiday dishes, but it's nice to have something safe to nibble on.

Play your escape card (at any time)!

If last-minute shopping, party prep or politics at the dinner table pop up, don't sweat it. Instead, tactfully excuse yourself when you need to.

Resist temptation.

Party food doesn't have to be your downfall. Snack on finger foods that are high in fiber and protein. Use a napkin, not a plate, for appetizers. Keep your back to the food while chatting.

Take "me time."(Lose a turn.)

In this case, losing a turn is a good thing. Self-care eases stress, which is key to having a happy holiday.

Keep movin'.

Invite family and friends to stay active with you by walking after dinner or playing a game of touch football.

Don't let the holiday season tempt you to stray from your diabetes management plan.

Instead, enjoy a winning holiday by avoiding common diabetes traps.