MountainStar Health - August 26, 2020

Yes, it is safe to get pregnant right now! And MountainStar Healthcare hospitals are doing everything in their power to not only make sure you and your baby are safe, but that you have the pregnancy and birthing experience you have always dreamed of!

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant right, go right ahead and keep trying. Rest assured that now is a safe time.

However, there are some practical advice for those who are pregnant or considering having a baby during the pandemic.

"If you are pregnant, make sure you are doing the little things that make such a huge difference," Says Kim Stuck, a certified nurse midwife at Lone Peak Hospital. "Wash your hands frequently, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and stay away from big gatherings and being around sick people."

Kim continues, "If you think you may have symptoms of COVID-19, contact your OBGYN to make a game plan so we can help make sure you and your baby are safe. The great news is, so far there is no evidence of COVID-19 being passed through breast milk or the mother's placenta during delivery."

If you are currently pregnant, there are some safety precautions you can follow.

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to others.
  • Be sure to wear your mask in public and keep a social distance of six feet.
  • If you are at high risk for any reason, such as diabetes or hypertension, or in are in your third trimester, it’s best to stay home whenever possible and enlist someone else to run those errands for you.

Most importantly, enjoy this special time in your life!

At MountainStar Healthcare, we're dedicated to the care and improvement of human life. We can get through this together!

For questions about getting pregnant or questions about your pregnancy, our Consult A Nurse line is available 24/7 at (801) 715-4152.