MountainStar Health - October 02, 2019

That was Chris Wright’s reality for more than 2,200 nights in a row.

After six years of never getting a full night’s sleep, Chris was anxious, depressed and exhausted enough to literally cry at her doctor’s office. The 71 year-old struggled with severe obstructive sleep apnea. Chris now says she couldn’t have gone on much longer.

With increasing desperation, Chris tried every possible solution. That included multiple CPAP masks.

“I could not wear the CPAP, it made me feel so claustrophobic and I was forever adjusting it,” Chris explained. “I kept waking up with the tube wrapped around my head. It was an impossible situation and I couldn’t stand it.”

Sleep studies showed that Chris actually stopped breathing every night more often than she breathed. That’s why her doctor told her to wear the CPAP or “you could die.”

Constantly sleep deprived, she couldn’t focus, think or do much more than stumble through her days. Everything became a problem.

That all changed when she attended a seminar to learn about a new treatment option. It is an innovative surgical implant called Inspire.

“After learning about this medical device, I literally leapt over everyone to sign up for one,” Chris recalled.

Another sleep study and several months later, she saw Dr. Douglas Anderson. He is one of only a few surgeons in Utah trained to implant the sleep apnea-preventing device.

Chris didn’t waste any time scheduling the procedure. Dr. Anderson placed the medical device just under her collarbone at Ogden Regional Medical Center. She went home the very next day.

“The surgery went really well, no complications whatsoever,” noted Chris. “Everything went perfect; I can’t say enough nice things about the hospital and the medical staff, everyone down to the housekeepers.”

Today, Chris says the surgery was the best thing she ever did for herself!

“This was such a game-changer for me,” she said. “I’m a totally different person. I see life in a different light. I’m more focused and I’m not as grouchy anymore! That’s what my family and friends tell me.”

As for Ogden Regional Medical Center, Chris would never go anywhere else! “It’s home away from home for me, and the nurses are my champions.”

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