MountainStar Health - October 02, 2019

As Hadley Alvey said three weeks after delivering her beautiful daughter, Sloane, at Lakeview Hospital: “Pregnancy and babies are no joke. It is by far the hardest, most delightful thing I could’ve imagined.”

In the spring of 2018, Hadley and her “Boy,” aka husband, were anxiously awaiting the time in their lives – they were finally going to be parents! After a previous miscarriage and lots of heartbreak, the young couple found out that Hadley was pregnant again.

With some caution, they looked for an OB/GYN who could help them find peace and confidence that things could work out. That’s when they met certified midwife. Laura Zaugg.

“She answered our tireless questions; she did extra ultrasounds, and scheduled extra appointments if I felt concerns,” recalled Hadley. “She treated us like family, and we feel like she is forever part of ours!”

Fast forward a few months and things started to get exciting on November 12th. Contractions that started in the afternoon hung around and Hadley soon knew it was time! So at 4:17pm, Boy, Hadley and baby girl in her belly loaded up their gear and drove to Lakeview Hospital.

After checking in, they soon found themselves in one of the spacious, comfortable birthing rooms. Hadley’s labor progressed in a roller-coaster fashion, from progression to a screeching halt and finally, to the hard labor part – pushing. “In my most vulnerable of moments when I wasn’t sure I had much strength left, the caregivers urged and encouraged me,” said Hadley, “They honestly made me feel like I was truly capable of anything! It’s probably the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Given concern about the baby’s heartrate, the midwife called obstetrician, Dr. Ryan Porter. Hadley continued to give it everything she had until he arrived. A few more contractions, and at 1:20am on November 13th, little Sloane changed her life forever.

A few weeks later, a thank you card came in the mail. Each caregiver who had spent time with her new little family wrote a personalized note of congratulations and thanks for choosing Lakeview Hospital. “That card means so much to me,” noted Hadley. “It will be a family keepsake for a very long time!”

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