MountainStar Health - August 19, 2019

Walking is a great way to say active and fit. As you age, however, you may feel less confident stepping out, especially if you have osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and makes them susceptible to fractures.

Don’t let your fear of taking a tumble keep you cooped up! Walking regularly is vital for maintaining bone mass, improving balance and preventing future falls. These tips can help you stay steady on your feet:

Watch your step.

Check the height of curbs before stepping up or down. If a road or sidewalk looks slippery, walk in the grass for firmer footing. Watch for slick surfaces in public buildings and stay on plastic or carpet runners when possible.

Wear the right shoes.

Low-heeled shoes with rubber soles that aren’t too thick or thin are best. Avoid backless shoes or styles that don’t fully support your feet.

Keep hands free.

Carry keys, phone and other essentials in a shoulder bag, fanny pack or backpack so you can catch yourself if you stumble.

Get support.

Always use handrails when going up and down stairs or escalators. If you’re feeling wobbly, wear hip pads for extra protection if you fall.

If you walk with a cane, make sure it’s the right height; your wrist should reach the top of the device when standing with your arms by your side. Hold the cane on your h2 side and lean on it when stepping with your weaker leg.