MountainStar Health - July 08, 2019

Suppose a friend starts showing symptoms of a heart attack, a grandchild starts choking or a spouse takes a bad fall—and you’re the only person around.

This month, we challenge you to learn preparedness skills to deal with health emergencies until professional medical help arrives. From easy to more challenging, here are some ways you can strengthen your first-aid IQ.

Assemble a first-aid kit

Stock it with bandages, sterile gauze pads, gloves, a thermometer, antiseptic wipes, medicines and a first-aid manual.

Review first-aid basics

Visit first-aid sites or talk to your doctor for first-aid tips on everything from wound care to sunburn treatment to the Heimlich maneuver.

Take a class

Visit the American Red Cross website to find local classes on basic life support, how to perform CPR, childcare safety, pet first aid and water safety. Completing these courses can earn you a two-year certification and access to refresher classes to keep up your proficiency and confidence to use your life-saving skills.