MountainStar Health - February 22, 2019

Most of us aren't born with the gift of patience. Plus, we've become used to the immediate gratification of movie-streaming apps, online banking and drive-thru restaurants, which make us less adept at waiting. But there's great value in practicing patience. Becoming more patient not only makes waiting easier, but it also helps in dealing with people and situations that push your buttons. In fact, research shows that patience can help curtail feelings of depression, and patient people tend to be more generous and compassionate.

This month, we challenge you to cultivate calm with these tips.

Recognize triggers

Next time you feel impatience bubbling up, note the specific cause. Knowing what sets you off can help you discover new ways to cope. Be sure to consider whether hunger, thirst or fatigue are factors.

Slow down

Rushing around can leave you feeling overwhelmed and cranky. Avoid cramming your day with too many activities.

Try deep breathing

If you feel your muscles tighten and hands clench, find a quiet spot to relax for a few minutes. Inhale slowly in through your nose and exhale through your mouth to a count of 10.


When facing a frustrating situation, accept it instead of fighting it. If traffic is driving you mad, for example, try being more mindful of things you can control. Sing along with the radio or take the longer scenic drive home.