MountainStar Health - October 02, 2019

In Italian, Jemma means "something precious, a gem or jewel." Thus, it makes sense that Lindsey Young and her husband named their firstborn child, Jemma. Born late in 2018, she is precious beyond compare.

Lindsey's recollection of her pregnancy starts the first day she visited Dr. Nathan Bertoldo as an expectant mother. Although she had been a patient of his for a while, something seemed a little different.

"Starting on day one, the front desk staff was super helpful," Lindsey recalled. "Everyone was very attentive to my concerns, while being light and friendly."

Months passed as the young soon-to-be parents waited for the "big day." That day finally arrived and they headed to Cache Valley Hospital. The couple were soon settled in one of the comfortable "mom and baby suites" at the Women's Center. That's where Lindsey would deliver her baby and then rest and recover with her baby by the bedside.

"Everything was spic and span; very homey and accommodating," she said. "I really enjoyed staying there."

As luck would have it, Lindsey and her husband were the only couple to deliver a baby that day. That meant she received a lot of one-on-one attention. While every interaction was great as Lindsey’s labor progressed; one incredible nurse stands out in her memory.

"She was very positive during pushing," Lindsey recalled. "She encouraged me and told me that I could do it. My experience was really, really good."

After Jemma was born, the personalized care continued. The nurses checked on Lindsey and the baby quite often, sometimes stopping by just to ask, "Are you doing ok?" She remembers the lactation specialist, who made her feel confident and comfortable about breastfeeding. And the very helpful education that the entire team provided, especially for a first time mom taking home a new baby.

"Everyone on the labor and delivery team was super nice and very welcoming!" said Lindsey.

Today, Lindsey recommends Cache Valley Hospital Women's Center whenever and wherever she can. She has nothing but praise for Dr. Bertoldo, too. "Dr. Bartoldo is awesome," said Lindsey. "I'm crazy about Cache Valley Hospital, and everyone knows it!"

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