MountainStar Health - June 21, 2019

If it often seems like people are mumbling or you have trouble following conversations in a noisy environment, you may be suffering from hearing loss. Fortunately, for most people, hearing loss that comes with aging is often correctable. To help you understand how hearing loss progresses, review these typical symptoms listed below.

Normal/borderline hearing loss:

  • Problems hearing in difficult listening situations such as in groups or noisy places
  • May need to watch the speaker’s face or lips to understand some conversations
  • May need to sit close to the speaker to understand the conversation

Moderate hearing loss:

  • In addition to the symptoms above, may have trouble understanding conversations on the phone
  • May need people to speak louder to follow what they say

Severe Hearing Loss:

  • Impossible to function without taking actions like those listed above
  • May depend on visual cues like watching a speaker’s face or lips to understand even part of a conversation
  • May struggle to identify sounds like sirens, phones or car horns