MountainStar Health - September 06, 2019

How you organize your kitchen can affect your weight. If you have trouble keeping the pounds off, try these kitchen makeovers:

Put smaller plates up front

Since portion control plays a huge role in weight management, move large dinner plates and bowls to the back or top of the cupboard. At mealtime, use easy-to-reach salad plates and small bowls. They hold less, which may mean you’ll eat less.

Display fruits and veggies

Setting a fruit bowl on your kitchen counter makes healthy food more convenient when you’re craving a snack. In your fridge, place precut vegetables, fruits and other low-calorie foods at eye level to remind you to make healthy choices.

Make healthy snack bags

Portion out single servings of popcorn, almonds, dried fruit or pretzels to prevent guessing at serving sizes when hungry.

Use food storage containers strategically

Keep healthier foods like soups and salads in clear storage containers; store leftover pizza and desserts in opaque contain­ers to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Using this same logic, stash high-calorie treats in the back of the pantry.

Place water in plain view

Dehydration can lead to overeating, so keep a water bottle or water-filter pitcher on your counter, desk or coffee table. This will be a visual reminder to keep sipping throughout the day.