MountainStar Health - October 02, 2019

“After my very successful surgery, my stay at Lone Peak Hospital was “a day at the beach,” now says Lynn Koberna.

That’s saying something for a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. After a test showed his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level was too high, he underwent a biopsy. Lynn was then referred to urologist, Dr. Peter Fisher, who recommended surgery.

Dr. Peter Fisher

Lone Peak Hospital was among the options under his health plan. It quickly became the obvious choice for the surgery, due to convenient scheduling on a day soon after the biopsy.

That day, Lynn checked into the hospital and was prepped for surgery, he remembers seeing all of the technology as he was wheeled into the operating room.

“It looked like a spaceship in there, just like Star Trek,” he said. “Definitely a ‘wow factor’ for me!”

He recalls being surprised after the operation too; at how little he felt the effects of surgery. He liked that the care team got him up and walking right away.

Lynn describes himself as a bit of “cut up.” While he walked the hospital halls during recovery, he told everyone that he was training for the St. George Marathon.

“I think I drove the nurses crazy with my jokes,” noted Lynn. “They all laughed, every time! Are they trained to do that?”

What Lynn remembers most about Lone Peak Hospital is the medical staff. It was very apparent to him that the extraordinary team of professionals was not only competent but also very coordinated.

“They are all intentionality caring; everyone was very clear about their work, very confident and in no rush,” Lynn recalled. “Everyone made me feel like, ‘We’re going to take good care of you.’”

On the day Lynn was discharged, he put five stars by each of his caregiver’s names on the white board in his room. Then, he thanked everyone before he left.

“All team members got five-stars on “my board,” said Lynn. “Except Shanti, who earned 10 stars – and God who got 11 of them. Way to go team!”

Today, Lynne recommends Lone Peak Hospital. He says the medical staff has a high level of professionalism – and provides great customer care.

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