MountainStar Health - January 31, 2022
by Sherry Fisher, BSN, RN - Atrial Fibrillation Nurse Coordinator at St. Mark's Hospital

Navigating the healthcare system to get the life-saving cardiac care you need can be difficult. Where does someone go when they are given a new diagnosis of atrial fibrillation? While most patients start with Google, which may or may not help depending on what rabbit hole you go down, there is an even better option.

Utah’s first integrated A-Fib Center at St Mark’s Hospital has created a new Atrial Fibrillation Nurse Coordinator position to help patients navigate their A-fib diagnosis and reduce their risk of a premature death. As your Atrial Fibrillation Nurse Coordinator, here are 5 ways I can help you beat you’re A-Fib!

1. I am your advocate

I can get you the heart care you need immediately. My role is to help you overcome any healthcare barriers you might encounter. I can speak with your cardiac electrophysiologist (EP) or cardiologist on your behalf to help you either get a response or get in quickly.

2. I can help you treat the underlying causes of A-Fib

Did you know that by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which often includes weight loss, gives you a fifty-fifty chance of putting you’re A-Fib into remission without drugs or procedures? Together, we can explore what may have caused your A-Fib, A-Fib triggers, and come up with a game plan to treat the underlying causes. I can also help you get an appointment with a dietician, high blood pressure or diabetes clinic, or a sleep apnea evaluation.

3. I can help you avoid being hospitalized

Sometimes a quick phone call to me can help you avoid the ER and a hospital admission. I can answer your questions and speak with your cardiac electrophysiologist (EP) or cardiologist on your behalf. Often times a quick clinic visit can prevent an unnecessary trip to the ER.

4. I can translate complex medical information

A-Fib is a complicated condition. Medications used to treat A-Fib can have scarry side-effects. All of the procedures to treat A-Fib can seem overwhelming. My role is to translate everything your doctor shares with you into a language and action plan that makes sense to you.

5. I can help out-of-town patients feel at home with St. Mark’s Hospital

Did you know we regularly see patients from throughout the United States? I can work with you ahead of time to coordinate all of your appointments and care to make your trip to Salt Lake City as painless and quick as possible. I can also meet with you during your visit and introduce you to our world-class heart care team.

Learn more about the A-Fib Center at St. Mark’s Hospital, or fill out our form to be contacted about your A-Fib.