Physicians Can Now Provide Efficient, Highly Precise Radiation Treatments to a Wider Range of Cancer Patients, Including Those Undergoing Retreatment

Orem, UT — Physicians at Timpanogos Cancer Services in collaboration with Gamma West Cancer Services are now treating cancer patients using the new, uniquely “smart” Radixact® Treatment Delivery System. Timpanogos Regional Hospital joins renowned hospitals in the United States, Europe and Asia in offering precise radiation treatments with this leading-edge system.

“Timpanogos Cancer Services is committed to providing Utah County residents first class cancer care, closer to home,” said Dr. James W. Clarke M.D., a board certified radiation oncologist and Timpanogos Cancer Services director. “Our mission is to eliminate cancer and alleviate suffering. Every patient deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. We take time to listen to patients, and understand their personal priorities and concerns. We are extremely pleased to offer the Radixact treatment system to our patients. This advanced system enables us to efficiently and effectively treat a wide range of cancer problems, including almost any patient who may benefit from radiation therapy.”

Precision Matters

The use of radiation as part of cancer treatment is increasing, both during initial treatment and re-treatment, so the ability to deliver the correct amount of dose precisely to the tumor will become even more important. In addition, as the cancer patient goes through the treatment process anatomical changes may occur, such as the tumor shrinking or the patient losing weight. Clinicians need to be able to quickly determine when these types of changes warrant modifying the treatment and efficiently create new treatment plans which enable the accurate delivery of radiation.

How the Radixact System Works

The system was designed to deliver image-guided intensity-modulated (IG-IMRT) radiation therapy, an extremely precise form of radiation therapy.

  • The Radixact System is built on a ring gantry platform with a CT scanner. The system provides continuous delivery of radiation from 360 degrees around the patient, or delivery from clinician-specified beam angles.
  • Treatment accuracy is achieved through daily 3D image guidance which ensures proper patient positioning and dose targeting even when anatomical changes occur. The system’s ability to provide daily image guidance is what makes it unique. The system takes an image of the patient every day, as part of the setup, so that it knows exactly where the tumor is on that particular day.
  • A fully-integrated, simplified adaptive treatment planning solution called PreciseART® Adaptive Solution enables the clinical team to adjust therapy to changes in tumor size, shape and location — as well as subtle changes in the location of organs and other healthy tissue.
  • The PreciseRTX® Retreatment Option makes it easier for clinicians to deliver precise doses of radiation in those cases where, unfortunately, cancer has recurred and retreatment with radiation is necessary.

The Radixact System Benefits

  • The system enables physicians to deliver highly accurate, individualized dose distributions which precisely conform to the shape of the patient’s tumor while minimizing dose to normal, healthy tissue, resulting in fewer side effects for patients.
  • It is capable of treating all standard radiation therapy indications including breast, head and neck, lung, and prostate cancers, in addition to complex treatments such as total marrow irradiation.

"We are so happy to partner with Timpanogos Regional Hospital in offering the most scientifically up to date radiation treatments for cancer with the Radixact 9 Tomo Therapy Treatment System and the Elekta High Dose Rate Brachytherapy System," said Dave Vincent, CEO of Gamma West Cancer Services. "Gamma West has had a longstanding business relationship with HCA in Utah and with Timpanogos Regional Hospital where we have been providing curative brachytherapy for over 15 years. We very much look forward to this beautiful new center and its additional capabilities being a great blessing to patients and their families that have been stricken by this terrible disease."