Pandemic pay continuation

North Logan – Cache Valley Hospital has experienced a massive decrease in surgery and outpatient volume, as a result of COVID-19.

That has led to a reduction in hours for many employees.

In response, HCA Healthcare has created a “pandemic pay continuation” policy to help protect the financial security of front-line caregivers at all facilities.

HCA announced that for employees with reduced hours who work in clinical facilities or support areas, HCA will make every effort to re-deploy them so they can keep working to receive 100 percent of their pay. Those who are out of work, due to the pandemic, will receive 70 percent of their base pay for up to seven weeks, if they are unable to work.

Cache Valley Hospital Human Resource Manager Mark Garrett explains the immediate future of the program.

”At this point HCA Healthcare has approved this pay practice until the middle of May — May 16 — and I would imagine if the conditions in the United States or throughout the world are similar,” he explained, “that the senior leaders at HCA Healthcare will regroup and discuss the need if we need to extend this pay practice.”

HCA Healthcare announced that its senior leadership team will take a 30 percent cut in pay until the pandemic passes.

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