Cache Valley Hospital
August 20, 2019

North Logan, UT — When 10-year-old soccer forward Ava Feser was at practice, she felt her knee twist and heard a pop. She couldn't walk on it.

Her mom, Melissa, knew that anytime there's an injury to a knee, it can easily be something serious. She also knew that she wanted her to be seen by a qualified team, fast. That's why she brought Ava to Cache Valley Hospital's Emergency Room.

"My experience at Cache Valley Hospital is always really good. The staff is quick and professional every time," Melissa said. "I take my family their because of the convenience. Their wait times are short, and our past experiences there give us confidence in their ability to provide great care."

Top scores linked to consistent focus on compassionate, quality care

That same positive feeling is reflected in the patient satisfaction surveys that are distributed to Cache Valley Hospital patients after an ER visit. When compared with survey results from 173 emergency room departments throughout HCA Healthcare, Cache Valley Hospital's ER team of 15 nurses and approximately eight primary physicians recently ranked number 1 in patient satisfaction.

Survey questions, compiled and analyzed by Press Ganey, ask patients for feedback about their communication with nurses and physicians, the hospital environment, and, the level of compassionate, quality care they experienced.

The ER team has ranked No. 1 in patient satisfaction once before; the most recent top-notch ranking is based on 2019 second quarter. The key to their consistent good marks? Staying focused on providing compassionate, quality care.

"It was exciting to see that we were No. 1 in HCA Healthcare," said Stacey Crandall, ER director for Cache Valley Hospital. "It feels like our work paid off. We are consistently meeting our metrics and goals, but more important than anything, we are ensuring great experiences for our patients while keeping them safe. That's always our focus."

A team effort makes the difference

To rank No. 1 in patient satisfactory scores requires a team effort. According to Crandall, every member of the team needs to be on board and motivated to improve the quality of care and the patient experience.

"The biggest thing is: Our team is a team," Crandall said. "They support each other, and truly care about each other as family. They get along and respect each other. They're happy to be here and happy to be working as a team. They genuinely love providing great care to patients in our community."