HCA Healthcare is committed to helping the next generation of caregivers launch a rewarding career in healthcare.

In an effort to nurture the pipeline of healthcare professionals in Utah, we’re introducing the Caregivers of Tomorrow Sponsorship program for colleagues who are enrolled in or accepted to designated higher education programs and who plan to complete their academic practice at HCA Healthcare’s eight Utah hospitals, known locally as MountainStar Healthcare.

The sponsorships currently available are:

  • The Caregivers of Tomorrow Nursing Sponsorship, open to Westminster College School of Nursing students entering their final semester who are employed/hired as full-time or part-time Registered Nurse Apprentices (RNA).*
  • The Caregivers of Tomorrow Surgical Technology Sponsorship, open to students accepted into the Surgical Technology program at Davis Technical College and employed/hired as full-time or part-time* colleagues at one of the eight MountainStar Healthcare hospitals from Logan to Payson.

If you are not currently employed at a MountainStar Healthcare facility, please visit our careers website to learn more about opportunities to join our team of skilled, passionate healthcare professionals.

*Part-time status = at least 36 hours min per pay period

Sponsorship deadlines

Deadline for: Nursing:
Surgical Tech:
Davis Tech
Sponsorship Application Deadline May 1st
Oct 1st
Dec 1st
Mar 1st
Jun 1st
Aug 1st
Hospital Sponsorship Selection Committee Review Deadline May 15th
Oct 15th
Dec 15th
Mar 15th
Jun 15th
Aug 15th
Division Sponsorship Selection Committee Review Deadline May 31st
Oct 31st
Dec 31st
Mar 31st
Jun 30th
Aug 30th
Notification to Hospital, Applicant, and School June 15th
Nov 15th
Jan 15th
Apr 15th
July 15th
Sept 15th
Program Start Dates August
Program/Sponsorship Length Last Semester in RN School 15 months
TS-C Certification
Sponsorship Amount Last semester tuition/fees covered (after other financial aid applied) up to $20,000 Full tuition/fees (up to $4,200) covered

How to apply

Individuals who are employed by a MountainStar Healthcare facility (or have accepted an offer of employment) can submit their Caregivers of Tomorrow Sponsorship application by sending all applicable information to Blake Nemelka. Blake will help answer any questions, provide your application PDF and provide next steps.

Information to include with your completed application:

  • Most recent unofficial academic transcript (if applicable)
  • Recommendation letter from your academic institution or immediate supervisor
  • Most recent annual evaluation (if applicable)
  • Two reference letters from non-family members that validate your overall academic achievement, career goals and community involvement
  • Personal statement of 250-500 words explaining desire for sponsorship and professional goals.
  • Documentation of any volunteer service and/or community involvement

For questions about applying for a sponsorship or other details about our programs, contact:

Blake Nemelka, Ph.D.
Vice President, Academic Affairs & Clinical Operations

Email Blake Nemelka