Orthopedic center in Cache County, Utah

Cache Valley Hospital offers an advanced orthopedic care program in northern Utah. Here, we combine innovative technology, specialized staff and state-of-the-art treatments—including minimally invasive surgery—to deliver unparalleled service and expertise. Additionally, if you need orthopedic surgery, each patient room in our orthopedic center has the tools and amenities you need for optimal comfort and healing during your recovery.

To schedule a consultation with an orthopedic specialist at Cache Valley Hospital, please call (855) 796-0593.

Diagnostics for orthopedic conditions

Your doctor may order imaging exams to better understand your orthopedic condition, which allows our team to determine the type of care that is right for you. Some of these exams include:

  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • X-ray

Orthopedic conditions we treat

Our orthopedic specialists treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Fractures, dislocations, torn ligaments and other injuries
  • Joint pain and degenerative diseases (including arthritis)
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Ruptured or bulging discs
  • Spinal stenosis

Hand and upper extremity care

When a hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injury or disorder stops you from living life to the fullest, our orthopedic doctors are here to help. We provide comprehensive hand and upper extremity care to help you restore your range of motion and live pain-free.

Joint pain treatment

Your joints, such as your knees and hips, are complex structures with multiple components working together to allow smooth movement and rotation. When any part of the joint becomes diseased or damaged, however, it can be very painful. In these cases, our specialists are highly experienced in joint care, diagnosing and treating joint pain caused by a variety of conditions. We will work with you to determine the treatment that best suits your goals and resolves your pain.

Joint replacement

Sometimes, such as when your joint is severely damaged, a joint replacement is the best treatment to restore your joint health.

A joint replacement is a surgical procedure which involves replacing your joint with an artificial joint (prosthesis). If all components of the joint are damaged and need to be replaced, a total joint replacement will be performed. We are also able to perform a partial replacement when only some of the joint's components are damaged.

Our joint replacement surgeons perform:

Robotic hip and knee replacement surgery

As part of our dedication to providing advanced orthopedic care, we are proud to offer minimally invasive robotic surgery for hip and knee replacements. This state-of-the-art surgical technology allows our orthopedic surgeons to perform hip and knee replacement surgeries with extreme precision and intraoperative guidance. For our patients, this translates into a better-fitting implant and more natural-feeling joint.

Spine care

Our spine specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating conditions of the neck, back and spine—from spinal fractures to chronic back pain. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment to restore your spine health. If spine surgery is necessary, we offer personalized care before and after your procedure to ensure a full and speedy recovery.

Orthopedic physical therapy

Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy services as a first line of treatment for your condition or as rehabilitation after spine or orthopedic surgery. When you visit our physical therapists, they will personalize a care plan to help you heal and restore your abilities. Your custom therapy regimen may involve supervised exercises, manual therapies and other treatments.

Orthopedic care at MountainStar Healthcare

Orthopedic doctors, called orthopedists, take care of bones and joints. This includes knee pain, total joint replacement, issues that impact your spine and more. You might need to see an orthopedist if you have arthritis or osteoporosis, or if you've had a recent sprain, strain or broken bone.

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