Medical diagnostic services in Wasatch Front, Utah

MountainStar Healthcare's hospitals include state-of-the-art laboratories that are well-equipped to provide a broad range of testing and services. These full-service laboratories use advanced technology to provide quality testing and fast, accurate results for our patients.

For more information about our diagnostic testing services or for help finding a doctor, call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse line at (801) 715-4152.

Laboratory specialty areas

Our in-house testing covers many areas, including:

  • Blood bank and transfusion services
  • General and special chemistry
  • Hematology, coagulation studies and urinalysis
  • Rapid microbiology and serology screening tests

Our goal is to provide quality results you can depend on. To do that, we employ well-trained clinical laboratory assistants who are skilled at drawing blood. Additionally, our well-educated and dedicated laboratory scientists have many years of experience, enabling them to perform accurate, efficient testing.

Laboratory services we offer

In addition to all routine diagnostic tests, our services include:

Diagnostics and laboratory at MountainStar Healthcare

Diagnostic and laboratory testing are used to help further understand patient conditions. Diagnostic testing occurs when physicians require more information for evaluation and/or diagnosis of a patient. Examples of laboratory tests include biopsies, blood tests and urine samples.

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