Taking care of your spiritual and emotional needs

A visit to any hospital often comes at the most difficult times in people’s lives. Patients may be learning about a diagnosis that can change lives, recovering from major surgery or a traumatic injury, or anticipating the time when life comes to an end.

During challenging times, our pastoral care teams take care of the patient’s spiritual and emotional needs and help their family members too. They will simply listen, gently hold a hand, or offer a prayer. These experienced experts can also help with tough or ethical decisions, advance directives (living wills) or intervene on a patient’s behalf. Our compassionate pastoral caregivers are here 24/7 for patients and their loved ones.

Over the years, spiritual caregiving has complemented the exceptional clinical care provided at MountainStar hospitals. Bishop Daniel S. Tuttle established St. Mark’s Hospital in 1872. Today, spiritual caregivers of all faiths receive clinical pastoral education at this hospital, which is also accredited to train supervisors who then teach in healthcare settings nationwide. .

A few sisters of the Order of St. Benedict founded St. Benedict's Hospital in 1946, later to become Ogden Regional Medical Center. Six decades later, the sisters continue to inspire everyone who works to make the hospital and the community a better place. Their tradition of caring and healing will never fade.

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