Introducing the See Me Same Day appointment service for busy families

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In most families there is a very fine line between balanced routine and total chaos. So, when someone has a condition or injury that needs the help of a doctor, it’s best if you can get them in and taken care of quickly – so that you can get back to your life, with as little disruption as possible.

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At MountainStar Healthcare, we understand the importance of having access to the right kind of healthcare when you need it. That’s why we have developed the See Me Same Day service. One phone call gives you access to a full roster of healthcare specialists – from family practice doctors to highly specialized surgeons. A capable and caring Appointment Specialist will greet you on the other end of the line and, within a few minutes, you’ll have an appointment with the right doctor, at a time that works with your schedule. No chasing, no waiting. Just one simple phone call, and you’re on your way.

Call to speak to an Appointment Specialist

Toll Free (877)870-3745 in Utah

(208)455-3981 at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, Idaho

Most insurance is accepted.

Calls received after 3:00pm may be scheduled for the next business day. Same-day appointments are only available in our Davis, Salt Lake County and Weber clinics, as well as Caldwell, Idaho.

If you have an emergent healthcare need, dial 911 or view our ER Wait Time averages.