Improving Care during Hospitalization

Did you know that your personal physicians are supported by team of specialists at our hospitals? Their job is to take good care of you during a short-term stay at a MountainStar hospital.

As you know, doctors spend much the day providing care in their offices and have limited time to visit their hospitalized patients. That's why our hospitalists join the local physicians' team whenever a hospital stay becomes necessary.

Hospitalists are especially experienced in taking care of patients during hospitalization. These specialists work at the hospital all day, which helps them to better monitor patients and more readily attend to their unique medical needs.

MountainStar hospitals also offer hospitalists who specialize in maternity care and gynecology. They support office-based obstetricians, nursing staff, midlevel caregivers and midwives. When needed, these hospitalists can immediately respond to ob/gyn emergencies and provide the necessary care until the patient's personal physician is available.

  • Hospitalist Care at St. Mark's Hospital
  • Hospitalist Care at Ogden Regional Medical Center
  • Hospitalist Care at Lakeview Hospital
  • Hospitalist Care at Brigham City Community Hospital
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