Completed Your Screening...What Happens Next?

Retrieve your screening results and Personal Wellness Report by completing the H2U online Personal Health Assessment (PHA), one of the many benefits offered to you as an H2U participant. The PHA takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete and provides a customized report based off your screening results. If you haven't already taken the PHA, you will be notified when it is available and given instructions for how to complete it. Until then, continue reading to find out more.

The PHA is a simple and confidential online health questionnaire designed to assess your health risks and healthy habits. Your responses will be compiled with your screening results to provide you with an individualized summary of your health status and recommendations on how to reduce potential risks.

All personal health information will be kept confidential. Your employer will not receive any personal health information that will identify you as an individual. As your program administrator, H2U may combine your data with others for aggregate reporting back to your employer to assist future program planning. (Note: If your employer offers incentives for participation, a list of those who participated may be provided for incentive administration.)

Your personal report provides important health and wellness education information and presents potential health risks that were identified based on the answers you provided. The information included in the report comes from respected sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Heart Association and many other nationally recognized organizations. You can view, save, print or email the results to yourself or others, such as your spouse or your physician.

Participants who have abnormal lab results will be provided with a health risk notice via the H2U portal and encouraged to consult a physician.

Granite School District is deducting $10.00 a month on your insurance. To receive the discount you will need to complete three things:

  1. Open your H2U account
  2. Fill out the Physician Health Assessment (PHA)
  3. Have a blood draw completed. You can have your blood drawn at one of the Granite School District events or at your physician’s office. If done by your physician, they will need to send the required paperwork into your HR department for you to receive credit.
For more information about the H2U Works program or PHA, contact Kim Lisenbee at (801) 268-7422.