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Ericka Worthen, RN | Fall 2021

Ericka is a registered nurse in our NICU! Here’s what her nomination said:

“I first met Ericka the evening of July 6th, nine days after our 25-week-old son was born. She was working on his ‘cares’ and asked me if I wanted to change his diaper. I was frightened. I had only just touched him up to then. She could tell I wanted to say yes, but felt scared because I didn't want to hurt him. She very kindly offered to help me with it and walk me through everything. I've done many diaper changes before, but doing it on a micro-premie baby scared me. With her help and her cheering me on saying You got this momma! I was able to calmly change his diaper with confidence and it felt so great. Ericka also has amazing work ethic. She's very attentive with the babies she's assigned to. One night she was talking to another one of the great nurses there about how my kids were sad that they couldn't meet their brother until October. She went out of her way to make these cute laminated cards for each of them with special messages from their bother with a picture of him. It was such a sweet thought on her part. My kids love their cards and have them next to their night stands and look at them every night or when they're feeling sad. That small act of kindness will never be forgotten. Not only does she genuinely care for our son when she's assigned to him, but also in a way took care of our other two kids by helping them feel connected to their brother with those special cards she made. We are thankful for her thoughtfulness.”

Kinsey Thomas, RN | Fall 2021

Kinsey is a registered nurse in our ICU! Here’s what her nomination said:

“Kinsey is seriously the most bright and cheery nurse. She makes everyone feel like a friend. She brightens her patient's days just by being herself. She always puts in 100% to her days at work. Even on the hardest days just a hug or a smile or laugh from her brings everyone up. She always has a smile on her face and treats patients like they are her own family. During COVID times she always took on the COVID patients and helped them feel safe and cared for. She would even switch senior nurses and pregnant nurses so they wouldn't have to take COVID. She is so selfless and caring and she never complains! She always has an amazing attitude. The whole ICU loves her so much and she definitely deserves this award after all she has gone through. You seriously can't walk anywhere with her in the hospital without her talking to and waving hi to everyone. Everyone knows her and loves her because she is so easy to love! And because she makes everyone feel accepted and like a friend.”

Laura Leahy, RN | Fall 2021

Laura, a registered nurse on our 4 West Unit! Here’s what her nomination said:

“Laura is an amazing nurse overall. She is a ray of sunshine for all her patients and coworkers. She makes connections with all patients at a personal level no matter the circumstances. She touches her patients' lives and makes their circumstances better while in the hospital. One specific story is we had a patient with us on 4West for a good while, and unfortunately the patient began to decline in his health status. Laura spent a lot of time with this patient, on top of all her charge nurse duties. When the patient continued to decline further, they transferred him to PCU. Knowing the patient's history and that he didn't have any family or close friends, Laura came in to visit this patient on her day off to spend quality time with him and show him love and compassion. He sadly passed away the next day, but I know she had a positive impact on his final days of life. She goes above and beyond for her patients and coworkers each night she works. Nursing is her calling in life and she's amazing!”