Lakeview Hospital In Bountiful

At Lakeview Hospital we strive to provide the quality of healthcare we want our closest loved ones to receive. This enables us to live our mission which is “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.” We offer invaluable expertise gained from years of delivering exceptional patient care. Our Promise Kept is the driving force behind the actions of our 600+ caregivers. After all, providing quality healthcare to our friends, family and neighbors in Bountiful and surrounding communities is why we exist.

Fast Facts

  • 125 licensed beds
  • 51,800 patients cared for each year
  • 226 physicians on staff
  • 597 total employees
  • 94 volunteers
  • 295,332 people in our service area population
  • Local governance by board of trustees including:
    • Seven community members
    • Seven physicians

We are accredited by The Joint Commission.

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