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When patients are referred to a specialist by their primary care physician or asked to schedule a diagnostic test or screening, they can become frustrated while attempting to make the necessary appointments.

That is why MountainStar established its comprehensive referral service. Launched in 2008, this personalized service helps patients navigate the complex network of healthcare providers in our community. In particular, it serves those who might not otherwise follow through with recommended treatment referrals or tests.

Patients can conveniently call our service from their primary care physician’s office or from home. Our patient advocates will not only help them to schedule an appointment with a specialist – often while they remain on the phone – but also authorize insurance coverage and pre-authorizations as required. Follow up appointments and diagnostic tests can be easily scheduled during a single phone call.

The MountainStar referral service is provided at no cost to all involved parties – patients, primary care physicians and specialists.

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